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CrewBuddy Beta

This beta version should be out shortly.  It should fix most issues.  Please let me know what your find!

Some people have reported that pilot vacation is not showing up.

Some people have reported the sync process stops at Gathering Trips.

If you have either of these problems, please let me know.


I'm an FA.. e96874.  Just synced build 25.5 and my RR for SA SU MO for rest of NOV just show one day on my Crewbuddy app for each block of 3 RR days.. The Real RR days are 3day blocks starting on 14th, 21st, 28th.

After syncing, my iCal shows RR (one day only )only on 14th, 21st and 28th.

After syncing my app shows RR (one day only) only on 12th, 19th and 26th.

I'm adding this in the forum because I didn't find anything recently timestamped in this forum for this build.


Don Dollar

(200 KB)

Awesome info Donald!!! I sent you an email to get your payroll report.  

This is exactly the kind of feed back I need.  Thank-you!!



I just synched build 25.5 last night.  I ran into 4 issues:

- My trip and reserve blocks are displaying one day early (to the left)

- Some of my trips are displaying double - same trip displayed twice during the same period of time

- The company and union pulls (VA, VO and UN) are all displaying as 2 day events vs the actual length (7, 1 and 4 days respectively)

- The company and union pull start dates are incorrect.  The VA and VO are displaying 3 days earlier than actuality (CWA), the UN block 2 days early.

I have attached 3 screen grabs that depict all 4 issues issues.  2 that show the described CrewBuddy issues, the last showing my actual CWA page/assignments.


Bryan Turner

BWI FO e103204

(131 KB)
(129 KB)
(123 KB)

Awesome!  Thanks Bryan!

I'll start working on this and let you know if I need anything else.


Could you send me your payroll report for November and October? Do you have access to a real computer? If so I’d love the source code for your payroll report. Using Safari navigate to your payroll report, then go to File > Save As… Then select Page Source at the bottom and save it somewhere (maybe your desktop), then email that to me.

If you don’t have Safari maybe the process is similar on your bowser.

You can email it to 

Thanks for your help!!


I misspoke on my last input.  My trips and reserve block are displaying two (2) days early....not one.


Okay, beta version 1.5.1 is going to be online soon.  All these issues should be fixed.

Thank-you for your help!

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Where can I find the crew buddy beta app?

We're launching a new beta version soon.  I'll update you when it's available.  

Could I please get the beta testing file for my Android? I understand you're not taking any more beta testers but I pay for it and use it on my iPad and it was working on my Android but I got a new phone. Thanks for help John
My Moto Android device will not login to SWA or sync trips.

Sorry for the trouble.  Try going to Settings > CWA Username & Password.  Delete then re-enter your employee number and password.  Then try syncing with CWA again.  Let me know if that helps.

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