CrewWeb must have a reliable internet connection to work properly. Wifi connections in hotels, airports, and aircraft are notoriously bad.

If a page won’t load or you suspect trouble with your internet connection, try to a load page from a company website in Safari (the CWA login page will do the job). If the page will load, then your internet connection is probably good to go.

If you can’t load a page from a company website:

  • Check that restrictions are off.

    Go to device Settings > General > Restrictions and turn off any restrictions that affect Safari or CrewWeb.

  • Check that content blockers are not blocking content from swalife.

    Go to device Settings > Safari and look for Content Blockers.

    If you have a content blocker installed, make sure that connections to swalife are not blocked.

    If you have no content blockers installed, you will not see a Content Blockers entry in Safari settings.

  • Disconnect from and reconnect to wifi.

    Go to device Settings > WiFi and tap the info button (circle with i in the middle), then select Forget This Network. Then reselect your wifi connection.

  • Turn on cellular data for CrewWeb.

    Go to device Settings > Cellular and turn on cellular data for the CrewWeb app.