1. Open CrewBuddy and tap the menu button. Select PerDiemMax to get started.

2. Tap Sign Up to create your account. (if you already have a PerDiemMax account just tap Login).

3. Enter the required information then tap Sign Up to create the test account.

4. You should see this Success message confirming that your account has been created and you're signed in.

5. That's it for the CrewBuddy part! As long as you see your email address signed in here, all the syncing to PerDiemMax will take place automatically when you sync with CWA.


You can Sync with CWA and the trips you’ve flown since the beginning of the year should be automatically uploaded to PerDiemMax. Then every time you sync from now on, any trips you’ve finished since the last sync will be uploaded to PerDiemMax.

Next you can Verify your data synced to PerDieimMax.