Did you happen to subscribe twice? (Once to CrewBuddy, then again to CrewBuddy 2) If so, Google isn't smart enough to know if you already had a subscription to CrewBuddy.

You could have transferred your subscription (How do I transfer my subscription from CrewBuddy to CrewBuddy 2?), but if you already subscribed twice then you'll want to cancel your original subscription (CB) and request a refund from Google.

How to I cancel my Android Crew Buddy subscription? Look look for the subscription to CB and cancel that one and request a refund.  You can leave your subscription to CrewBuddy 2 active.

Google handles the subscriptions and doesn't allow us to know about your subscriptions for your privacy.  

If you give us your order number or transaction number (starts with GPA), we can log in and take a look for you.  You can find your GPA number on the top of your Google Play receipt or at pay.google.com.