Google has forced us to create a completely new app (CrewBuddy 2) and Google provides no way to transfer your subscription.  The good news is that we've made a special page that will help you transfer your old subscription from CrewBuddy to CrewBuddy 2.

You'll need to do 2 things:

1) Go to and transfer your subscription. You'll need your Order Number*, it starts with GPA.

2) Cancel the Auto-Renew for your original Google Play Subscription.  Cancel Android Auto-Renew

After your transferred subscription expires, you can subscribe like normal.  If you subscribe via PayPal directly, we'll give you a discount.

*You can get your order number from your most recent Google Play Subscription receipt that they mailed to you. (must be the actual receipt from Google, not PayPal)

*Alternatively you can check your order history for the Transaction ID.  Here's how: (make sure you go to this website, don't use the Google Play App or the Google Play website.  You won't find it there. It's only at