CWA Sync Problem for Flight Attendants

Quick update.

As I'm sure you know, CWA recently had a software upgrade and it's prohibiting CrewBuddy from syncing.  I've identified the changes, but it's taking substantially more coding to accommodate the changes in CWA. I'm working as fast as I can to get it back up and running for you guys. Hang in there. I'll have it fixed soon.

Robert Stokes

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Okay!  I finished building the update to accommodate all the changes they made to CWA.  I've submitted it to Apple for approval and requested an expedited review.  As soon as they approve it, you'll be able to download it.


Hello everyone!


The new update is available from the App Store for download now! It will fix the syncing problem that CWA caused for all the flight attendants.


I apologize that it took me 4 days to fix it and make the update available. Thank you so much for hanging in there and for your patience! Hopefully next time they will give me notice before they change something that drastic!

I am having problems syncing crew buddy on my iPhone. I've deleted and added the app about three times. Same with crew web app. Help

Hi Wendy,

I'm sorry for the problem.  SWA is having a lot of difficulty with CWA right now.  They've been trying to reboot servers to fix the problem, but if they reboot a server while you're syncing, it will stall the sync process.  

Unfortunately, all we can do is wait until they fix CWA.


Why am I getting invalid login while trying to update my screen

Hi Arthur,

I'll write you back personally to get this one figured out.

I cannot get My trips to sync. It is not recognizing My password. I have tried to delete My password and reenter. It is not working
how do we talk to a HUMAN PERSON to fix a problem that i am having?


Hi, I down pro firm, inc. it did not give me my trips or any totals. I did it last year and it was perfect. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks Carol
I got got to say this is for 2016 tax I haven't done then but am getting them ready.

Hi Carolyn,

I'm happy to hep, but I'm not sure what you're asking.  What can I help you with?

I'm trying to do my taxes for last year 2016 and I signed up and paid for it and thought I had printed it. But I was looking it over and it's not like anything like the year before. It does not have my trips on it or a total. The trips on it are certainly not mine. I go Monday to have my taxes done. I tried to reprint it but it wants me to pay again.

I guess it doesn't matter I just paid for it again and got it to print out.

Hi Carolyn.  I sent you a private message.

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