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Inconsistent flight times

In crew web, my flight shows delayed. No opened Crew Buddy to check inbound flight time and noticed that the trip overview - what I first see when tapping on a trip - shows the delayed time. However, when I tap on the delayed leg, it shows a different time (on time in this case). Specifically, you can see that my delayed time is 1650 but when I open that leg, it shows a different time (last updated by SWA). It may be that the times are pulled from different places but they should be consistent.
(207 KB)
(297 KB)
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Update: it took a while, but the detail screen updated to the current, delayed time.

Hi Dan!

What you're seeing here is the difference between what OTIS internally displays via CWA and what is the published flight status.  

When you look at CWA or what CrewBuddy displays on the legs page it's all from OTIS.  When you tap a leg in CrewBuddy it looks real time at 3 different flight status sources and displays the most current flight status available at the time.  

There will nearly always be differences between the two at first because they come from different sources.  OTIS will know about gate holds, crew delays, etc before they're published to the flight status providers.  As you know, the OTIS data can vary widely from minute to minute.  Once SWA deems the OTIS time to be valid, they will publish the data to the flight status providers. It usually only takes a few minutes to reconcile.

I hope this helps explain the differences.

Robert Stokes

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