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Please develop crew buddy for android!

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Hey Robert.  Congrats on developing the only app I have or would pay for.  I switched to an iPhone 6+Crap last year and I absolutely hate it.  I've been a mac guy (laptops / desktops) since the 90s but their phones are garbage compared to even my old Note 2.  I offer my encouragement to figure out how to work around all the google Android issues to make it work.  I'd pay a premium for CB on a droid so I could throw my iPhone 6+Crap in the toilet. Your app makes my life as a junior captain much more pleasant. Thanks and  Cheers!

Ha!  I bought a Droid to help in development and it makes me feel bad for all the Droid users out there!  :-)  It really makes me appreciate my iPhone!  I guess it ends up being a Coke vs Pepsi thing.  (I like coke).

Don't despair though, we are still working on the Android version.  It's just that writing Android is substantially less refined and takes more time. I've also hired two developers to help write it.  They're professionals so it should really help.  

Any news on the android version? I hate apple but I love CrewBuddy.
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