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reopen android crew buddy topic

Please develop crew buddy for android!

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Any news on the android version? I hate apple but I love CrewBuddy.

Ha!  I bought a Droid to help in development and it makes me feel bad for all the Droid users out there!  :-)  It really makes me appreciate my iPhone!  I guess it ends up being a Coke vs Pepsi thing.  (I like coke).

Don't despair though, we are still working on the Android version.  It's just that writing Android is substantially less refined and takes more time. I've also hired two developers to help write it.  They're professionals so it should really help.  

Hey Robert.  Congrats on developing the only app I have or would pay for.  I switched to an iPhone 6+Crap last year and I absolutely hate it.  I've been a mac guy (laptops / desktops) since the 90s but their phones are garbage compared to even my old Note 2.  I offer my encouragement to figure out how to work around all the google Android issues to make it work.  I'd pay a premium for CB on a droid so I could throw my iPhone 6+Crap in the toilet. Your app makes my life as a junior captain much more pleasant. Thanks and  Cheers!

Hey Robert! It's exciting to hear that you're hoping to have an Android version of CrewBuddy in the next few months! I've been an Android user ever since the very first Android device (HTC G1). I am currently using a Samsung Note 5 and would love to beta test an Android version. 

I currently have CrewBuddy on my iPad (I only use it for CrewBuddy) to sync my trips to my Google calendar. I look forward to hearing your continued progress with the Android version!

Yes, I'm a big Android fan and not much of an Apple fan.  We should all be getting our iPads in March and April.  


Hey Robert!

I'm very glad you're addicted to CrewBuddy!  :-)  I am too!  Hopefully, you'll all get permanent iPads soon.

CrewBuddy can't work in a browser or on windows but I am working hard on getting an Android version up and running.  I'm very hopeful that we'll have something in a few months.  

Do you have an Android now?


Ok, I understand no Android option at this time.  I recently turned in my tester ipad for the electronic Flight Attendant Manual.  I have been using Crew Buddy and am now addicted to it.  

Is there any way that is can be accessed via a browser or windows?  Especially since I am considering a windows phone.  Even when I'm using my laptop, I'd love to have access to my account and the overnight info.  I will never buy an iPhone. Ever.  Sorry. But I would love to pay you for your app.  

Robert, that would be fantastic! I have almost even considered buying an iPhone just to take advantage of the app, but I'm a die hard android user and I've decided to stick with keeping my phone.

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Hello everyone.

There is no immediate news on the Android version.   However it is not dead.  There "might" be something in the works!


Hello Robert, I'd love to help test the beta version whenever it is ready. I have the Droid Ultra. I bought a used iPhone JUST for crew buddy.I only use the WiFi on it. Other than that I like my droid better.

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Thanks for your interest!  I'll be sure to let you know when we open the beta program back up.

Would love to be a beta tester note 2 using 4.4.2 was going to switch to I phone but can't leave my great note 2

Any chance of a beta version still?

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Hi Anna!  

I'm sorry, we don't have an ETA for the Android version.  I started work last year, but there were so many problems with Android that I decided to put it on hold.  

To be honest, if we complete the Android version, it's not going to be as good or as reliable as it is on the iPhone.  There are so many complications with Android that prevent it from being as refined and polished.  I have a hard time releasing something that isn't up to my standards.  

I was really optimistic about the Android version when I first started developing it.  After several hundred hours of programming, it's turned out to be a very frustrating and disappointing endeavor.

Anyway, like I said before, I haven't given up on it... just put it on hold for now.

Robert Stokes

So what is the eta on an Android version? I've just switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy S6 and this app is the only thing I miss! Just had too many problems with my last 2 iPhones.

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