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Ability to send message to buddies

Would love to be able to send a buddy on my list a message thru crew buddy.

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Great idea!  I'm planning to implement this eventually.  Thanks!

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I know for sure people would leave there IPHONES to go to Android if you had the crew buddy app for Android. I have a NOTE 3 and I am really not wanting to leave it for a iPhone just because the CREW BUDDY app but I'm prepared to. That alone should show you how valuable your app is and that it would be well worth doing it for the Android users. Please reconsider and maybe even ask for funding thru a jumpstart program or something similar, I am pretty sure WE "android users" would pour in with support. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Thank-you Jerald!

Is sending messages still on the works?

Yes, it is still a planned feature.  We've been working on a few other features/improvements that took priority.  We hope to add this soon!

any updates?

Soon is a rather relative term.  No, we're not working on any additional features right now.  We plan to start on those as we near April.

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