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Android Version of CrewBuddy

Hello everyone!

Are any of you interested in an Android Version of CrewBuddy?  I considering undertaking learning the required languages and rewriting CrewBuddy for droid if enough people have interest in it.  

Let me know!  Mark that you like this idea so I can keep track of how many would like it.

29 people like this idea

I'll beta test too.
Yes! Ready to purchase it!
Hey Robert how are you do you mind sending the beta version
Sure! Pls do!
Hey Robert Stokes do you mind sending me the beta
Please do an android version...30-50% of us use android so your missing out on a huge segment of the market...

I sent out beta invites to those who asked... thanks!

Hey John!

I'm working on it!  :-)  I've got it about 15% built so far.  

Robert Stokes

Wapiti Software

Well if you're after another beta tester...I'm in 

Great!  I sent you an invite.  Thanks!

Robert. I would like to trot he beta also. Thanks. Bob

Gotchya Bob.  You should get an invite momentarily.

Please sign me up for a beta tester. Thanks
Robert, I would love to beta test your android version. I have a Note 3. --OJ

Thanks guys.  Sent you an invite as well.