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Android Version of CrewBuddy

Hello everyone!

Are any of you interested in an Android Version of CrewBuddy?  I considering undertaking learning the required languages and rewriting CrewBuddy for droid if enough people have interest in it.  

Let me know!  Mark that you like this idea so I can keep track of how many would like it.

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I'll email you when it's ready.  I'm finishing the first beta version and integrating a beta distribution and tracking suite.  That way it will automate crash reporting and analytics.  


Sure, i would be happy to. I do lots of testing and editing of android platform based apps for xda. Just let me know. Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks Michael!  I'll add you to the list also!

Yes - would love to have Crewbuddy!!!

I have an Android phone Samsung Galaxy S3 and I have enjoyed it. I am getting a new phone soon as my contract is up next week. I want to stay with an Android phone - not sure if I want an iPhone.


I am using a Samsung Galaxy 5s with android kit kat 4.4.4. I also have a Nexus 7 tablet running lollipop 5.0.2. I'd love to help beta using either or both if needed.

Sweet!  A lollipop user!  I'd appreciate your help testing on both devices!  Thanks, I'll add you to my list.

Lov to beta test Also add Jason Padilla he has an android he wants in Ill have him register
Hey I'd love to beta test it!!! I'm excited! I have a Samsung S5 KitKat. Just a note lollipop is set for a huge release on galaxy s5's shortly as well as all new androud phones going forward along with material design androids new look.
Please add me to your list of Android Beta testers if needed. Thanks for your hard work.

Thanks guys!  I sent you all invites from HockeyApp to join the CrewBuddy beta team.  

Robert Stokes

I would love to be a beta tester for this .  I use this on my Ipad but would love this on my phone , I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 android version 4.4.4

Waiting for it...not all of us are hooked on apple...

Thanks Floyd.  I sent you an email!

Galaxy Note 4 here, 4.4.x I'd LOVE to beta test!

Thanks Jason!  I sent you an email also.