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Android Version of CrewBuddy

Hello everyone!

Are any of you interested in an Android Version of CrewBuddy?  I considering undertaking learning the required languages and rewriting CrewBuddy for droid if enough people have interest in it.  

Let me know!  Mark that you like this idea so I can keep track of how many would like it.

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I would love to see an app for Android. Even if the company gets us iPads, I will always have an Android phone. I'd have to pay for both versions but it would be worth it! Please consider making an Android Crew Buddy!
I am in on Android CrewBuddy. Keep us posted on the progress. Thanks.


I've started the android version and it's moving along slowly, but steadily.  I work on it every overnight.

Robert Stokes

Wapiti Software.

Yep..all for Android version


+1 for android version
I would absolutely love an Droid version of this.  As an aside, those who don't have apple products will barely even know about this app and will therefore not know to express interest on this site.  The number of droid users is a HUGE market you are missing out on.


Hey Theair2mud!

Thanks for your interest!  Yeah, I know not to many Droid users will know about this site, so the results will be skewed.  However, I am encouraged by the few that do mention their interest on here.  So thank-you!

I've started working on the Android Version.  It's coming along nicely.

BTW, what kind of Android do you guys have and what operating system?


Robert Stokes

Android kitkat and lollipop are the two most current versions.

Hi Michael!

Thanks!  Google says 0.0% of devices are running Lollipop and 24.3% of devices are running KitKat.  Even though those sound like dismal numbers, I believe our Pilot and Flight Attendant group probably have newer devices.  So I would imagine that if I support KitKat and beyond that would probably cover most everyone.  

As I get CrewBuddy for Android to a testable state, would any one like to be a beta tester?


Robert Stokes

Sign me up to test the beta version(s). What is your ETA on a beta version?

Great!  I'll probably have the most basic version ready to test next week.   The first version will only be able to get your trips from CWA, show them on the calendar, show each trip, and get flight status.  

After all the bugs are worked out of that, I'll stat adding the remaining features, one by one.  

What phone and OS version do you have Brian?

Sign me up Robert I'll be thrilled to Beta test. I have Galaxy 5

Great!  I'll add you to my list also.  Thanks!

Samsung Galaxy S5. Kitkat 4.4.4. Thanks!
Fantastic let me know what you need so excited