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Android Version of CrewBuddy

Hello everyone!

Are any of you interested in an Android Version of CrewBuddy?  I considering undertaking learning the required languages and rewriting CrewBuddy for droid if enough people have interest in it.  

Let me know!  Mark that you like this idea so I can keep track of how many would like it.

29 people like this idea

Great!  I'll add you to my list also.  Thanks!

Samsung Galaxy S5. Kitkat 4.4.4. Thanks!
Would love this for android
Fantastic let me know what you need so excited


I'll email you when it's ready.  I'm finishing the first beta version and integrating a beta distribution and tracking suite.  That way it will automate crash reporting and analytics.  


Sure, i would be happy to. I do lots of testing and editing of android platform based apps for xda. Just let me know. Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks Michael!  I'll add you to the list also!

Robert I am very interested in beta testing as well please l. Let me know if that's possible Thanks yolanda

Thanks Floyd.  I sent you an email!

Thanks!  I sent emails to you all.

That was my question! I want an Android but refuse to buy one without crew buddy and crew web! Would love this!

Due to technical hurdles, we have decided to place the Android version of CrewBuddy on hold for now.

I'm in
+1 for android version
OMG yes PLEASE!!!!!!! There are LOTS of us that want it but that wouldn't come to this page to find out so please do it and believe that it will sell.