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Android Version of CrewBuddy

Hello everyone!

Are any of you interested in an Android Version of CrewBuddy?  I considering undertaking learning the required languages and rewriting CrewBuddy for droid if enough people have interest in it.  

Let me know!  Mark that you like this idea so I can keep track of how many would like it.

29 people like this idea

Due to technical hurdles, we have decided to place the Android version of CrewBuddy on hold for now.

Hi Robert. I would love the link! I have an LG G3. Thanks again!

Would love to help with the bata test, Android version 4.4.4  on a Motorola X8 mobile computing platform. My work requires Android but I tack my partner on an old IPhone 4s just to run Crew Buddy

Hello Robert,

I would like to join beta test with Samsung Galaxy 5, android version 4.4.2


Robert, I would love to beta test this android version if possible, using Note 4. Thanks Jimmy N

Hey John!

Haha!  That's awesome!  I sent you an invite also!

Hi Robert, a little late to the game here. Kind of a phone junkie. My daily driver is a Galaxy Alpha on 4.4.4 soon to be 5.0.1. I also carry a Note 3 on 4.4.3 and I still carry my iPhone 4s at work just to use your Crew Buddy App. I would love to ditch the 4s. If you need more Beta testers I'm in..

Hey Jim!

Sure!  I just sent you an invite.  Thanks!

Hey Bobby, can I jump on the beta wagon too? I "bugged" you about it a couple of months ago. I have a Galaxy Note 4, Kit Kat 4.4.4. Thanks, Jim

Thanks guys.  Sent you an invite as well.

Robert, I would love to beta test your android version. I have a Note 3. --OJ
Please sign me up for a beta tester. Thanks

Gotchya Bob.  You should get an invite momentarily.

Robert. I would like to trot he beta also. Thanks. Bob

Great!  I sent you an invite.  Thanks!