Android CrewBuddy - Flight Status INOP

On 2/28/19 the SWA flight status and FlightAware both went down.  Good news is that I'm able create a work-around.  It's already fixed on the Apple version, so it should work fine on your EFB.  The bad news is that it's not a quick fix for the Android version of CrewBuddy.  It's most likely going to take a week or so to get it fixed.  

There are a few other complications with the Android version right now that pose a unique challenge.  I'm going to make sure I make it right for you, but not exactly sure how that's going to look yet.  Rest assured I'm working hard to get this working again for you guys!

I will keep this page updated, so you can come back here for updates as I make progress on the fix.

So to recap:

- Flight Status does not work on Android CrewBuddy

- It will likely take a week to fix it

- Everything works normally on Apple CrewBuddy


2/28/19 8:13AM Notified of problem.

2/28/19 10:37AM Problem identified

2/28/19 12:02PM Problem fixed for Apple users via remote code

2/28/19 11:49PM Android version not fixable via remote code

3/1/19 8:07AM Developed fix for Android version - unable to upload

3/1/19 6:39PM Entire new version of CrewBuddy for Android required

3/2/19 1:23PM Starting work to create new version of CrewBuddy for Android

3/3/19 12:54AM Still working on the new CrewBuddy for Android

3/4/19 6:30AM Still working on new CrewBuddy for Android

3/4/19 8:54PM New CrewBuddy 2 complete and uploaded to Google Play!

Delete CrewBuddy from your Android and then download CrewBuddy 2 from the Google Play Store.  All of your notes will transfer.  You won't lose anything.

Download CrewBuddy 2:

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