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Problems during Sync

When I try to sync my schedule it seems to get hung up during the "gathering trips" phase of the sync and never finishes. Tried restarting. Android Note 9.

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Same issue, I have a Samsung S9. I tried doing the safe mode fix and restarted several times but all to no avail.
Same S8

Hey guys.  Not sure what changed.  It's only affecting a few people and only Androids.  Did you recently install a new version of Android? Or update any software?

Anyway, most people found that deleting and reinstalling CrewBuddy seems to fix it.


Nope.  They'll be there waiting for you.  They're encrypted and synced to the CrewBuddy cloud server.  

If I install new version, do I lose all my notes?  IE.  hotel notes

Thanks, that worked and refreshed my board.

Awesome!!!  Happy to hear that worked.  So, did you recently update your Android operating system or anything like that.  I'm still trying to figure out what caused this.

That did it. THX

Delete and reinstall worked for me too. No recent updates but everything is smooth again. Thank you for the great app and fast help! Bryce
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