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iCal sync question

I've noticed that when I sync with reserve on my board, my wife, who is subscribed to the calendar and receives notifications of changes, gets many notifications of changes when little to none have changed. For example, I was assigned Airport Standby today and synced. She received 21 notifications. It's like to removes all the Reserve blocks and then adds them again. I'll test it again when it's not annoying with zero changes to see if it updates the calendar like that every time.

I tested this issue this morning. I synced and my wife got a bunch of notifications. I then synced again and she got another round of notifications. I didn't make any schedule changes - thr synced occurred about two minutes after the first to make sure I wasn't syncing anything new. So, every time I sync, it updates the calendar (like it removes everything and adds it back) and my family is notified every time which is annoying.

Hi Dan,

You're correct, every time you sync with CWA it will refresh your iCal calendar. Anyone who is subscribed to that calendar will by default receive alerts for every refresh.  You can easily turn this off though in iCal.  Below is a link the FAQ that explains how.  I put some pictures in there that should make it easy to find the right button.

I hope this helps!


It's too bad that it doesn't check to see if the items are already there first. Once I realized that it rewrites it each time, I instructed my wife to disable the alerts. Thank you for the reply. ~ Dan

Yeah, I agree.  Unfortunately, it would take an enormous amount of code to update the iCal event only if it had changed.  It would also be a point where bugs could creep in.  So, this is the way it is for now.  However, we do want to add that code eventually.

Glad you thought to turn off the alerts and fix it.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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