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Crewbuddy for android

Hi I recently switch from an iPhone to a Nexus phone w android syste . I am party of Google Fi and would love to be able to use crewbuddy here. Please let me know. Thank you Claudia Rocha

Any word on crewbuddy version for android?
Any word on an Android version?
Hi Robert, do you help develop software personal business to serve the public?
How and where can I download the beta version of Crew Buddy for Android.


Please create a version of crew buddy for Android compatible with sharing with apple buddies. Thanks!!!!!

Hello  Android Beta Users!  Please email when you submit feedback on the beta version.  


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Robert I've been using the crew buddy android version beta since you put it out . I just got new phone can you show me how to reinstall the beta

Hi Robert. I have been using Crewbuddy on my IPAD since it came out. I would love to be a beta tester with my Note 5. #53043. Thanks

Sorry, I don't know exactly when.  I've paid a lot of money to some professional developers to help speed things a long.  But Android isn't as refined as Apple and it's taking substantially longer to make it.

I'm really hoping some time in the next few months.  But I can't commit to a date right now.

There are literally thousands of us waiting for the Android launch. Any idea when that might come? Thx
I would love to have that too. I switch and ot sucks not having crew buddy

I certainly will let you know when we get an android version ready to test.

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