Thank-you for letting us know.

We're very sorry that the hotel information wasn't correct. We get all the amenities directly from the hotel committee.  So, either the hotel isn't abiding by the negotiated contract or the hotel committee has the wrong information. We're finding more and more that the hotels aren't honoring the contract.

We used to update the amenities when crew members told us about a discrepancy, but the Hotel Committee has asked us to stop.  The best thing to do is fill out the crew rest form on SWALife. The hotel committee always asks that the crew member that experienced the discrepancy fill it out. That way they can contact hotel management and get to the bottom of it.  They're doing a really good job of holding hotel management accountable to our negotiated amenities...  They just need your report to do it.  After they reconcile the difference, they'll let us know so we can update CrewBuddy.

The form can be found on your EFB in Comply365.