CrewBuddy is FREE to download. The basic free version will sync with CWA and show all your trips!

You can upgrade to CrewBuddy Pro with an in-app subscription. You'll get access to features including:

  • iCal, Google, Yahoo!, calendar syncing
  • Flight Status
  • Weather
  • KCM
  • Detailed Overnight Info
  • Buddy Schedule Sharing
  • Multiple Device Cloud Syncing
  • And More!

We give everyone a free month to try out CrewBuddy Pro!  
After your free month, CrewBuddy will ask if you'd like to keep using CrewBuddy Pro with a paid in-app subscription, or revert back to the free basic version.

For a special 10% discount, you can also subscribe using PayPal if you'd rather do that.  Here is the link to subscribe via PayPal:  CrewBuddy PayPal Subscription

The current pricing for CrewBuddy Pro is $2.99 a month or $24.99 a year.
That's less than 7¢ per day!

Note:  If you're still using the Free Subscription, you won't be presented with an opportunity to upgrade to the paid subscription until after your free subscription expires.  As soon as your free subscription expires, you'll be presented with with a subscription screen to sign up.