First, we're very sorry that it's not giving you access.  All the subscriptions are handled by your iTunes account.  For some reason, iTunes doesn't think you have a valid subscription.  Don't worry though, we've built an easy way to get it working again!

Tap on a trip, then tap on a leg. That should show the subscription screen if you're not subscribed.

Tap "Restore Purchases" button on the subscription page. It will restore any valid subscription through iTunes.

*** Restoring purchases will not charge you again.  It only restores access to the purchase you've already made ***

If for some reason that doesn't work, you can verify your purchased subscription with iTunes.

Go to your iPhone Settings and select “iTunes & App Store”.
Tap on your Apple ID at the top in blue.
On the popup window select “View Apple ID”.
Under subscriptions, tap “Manage. (if you don't see manage, then you don't have any subscriptions)
Then tap “Crew Buddy”.
On this screen, you should see your purchased subscription.

If CrewBuddy isn't listed, then the purchase never went through and you can safely purchase the subscription again.

If you're still having trouble then please contact us with the email receipt that Apple emailed to you when you subscribed.

Note:  Make sure you're still using the same iTunes account that you used to make the original purchase.