One of three issues may be causing this. Are all the trips duplicated or just some from last month?

All the trips are duplicated:
Open iCal on your iPhone/iPad and verify the trips are duplicated there.
Sync with CWA again and it should clear up the duplicate trips. This is just a latency issue with iCloud.

This can also be caused because you have two devices using CrewBuddy that are syncing with CWA and syncing with iCal.  If iCloud hasn't synced the previous iCal events before you sync CrewBuddy with iCal on the other device, duplicate trips can occur.  

We do recommend only having one device with CrewBuddy syncing to iCal. Then iCal will take care of syncing that to your other devices.  After picking your primary device to sync with iCal in CrewBuddy

To clear up duplicates because of this problem, open iCal.  Verify that the duplicates show up.  Open CrewBuddy and go to Settings > Sync Trips to iCal, make sure it is turned on.  Then sync with CWA.  It should remove the duplicates.

Only a few trips are duplicated:
This is mostly likely caused because iCal isn't syncing events back far enough.  To fix this do the following:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Scroll down and under Calendars tap on Sync
  • Select at least Events 3 months back
  • Then back in CrewBuddy do a quick sync with CWA

The duplicate Trips are different colors:

A third issue that may present itself has to do with the color of the iCal events.  Are they all the same color?
If not, then you may have changed which calendar CrewBuddy syncs with.  Each calendar is represented by a color.  CrewBuddy will add all the events to the selected calendar.  However, if you change which calendar CrewBuddy syncs with, then all the trips are left in iCal and all the trips will added to the new selected calendar.  If this is your case, then you can safely delete the old trips from iCal and you shouldn't have any more issue.

Again, we apologize that it caused issues for some of you, but after you follow these steps, you will be good to go!