As you probably know, I created CrewBuddy out of necessity way back in 2012.  As smart phones were becoming the norm, we needed something like CrewBuddy in a bad way.  In the 9 years since then, I've worked closely with SWA to add every feature that law and SWA policy would allow, all while making sure I gave you the best user experience I possibly could.

Behind the scenes I worked very closely with the Crew Accommodations Board to keep the hotels accountable to the contracts and provide you the most accurate overnight info we possibly could.  They were fantastic to work with.

At one point SWA expressed interest to buy CrewBuddy.  After several meetings and demonstrations of CrewBuddy, they decided to copy it instead.  Thus, CrewHub was born.

Fast forward a few years and a new hire first officer out of Denver decided to copy CrewBuddy also.  He added features and used methods above and beyond that of CrewBuddy that are expressly prohibited by SWA.  It took SWA several years to decide how to handle this.

This brings us to present day.  SWA has decided that they have the responsibility to provide our crews with mobile apps to do our jobs effectively.  They have also decided they can't afford the liability of third party apps violating policy and using methods that put security at risk.  Thus, SWA has decided to shut down all third party apps with the exception of bidding apps.

I've really enjoyed building CrewBuddy and providing you all with a tool that I hope made your job easier.  Stay tuned for more information to come about the specifics of the shut down.