In an effort to create value for you, we always offered a yearly subscription at a discounted price.  

Another company, that has created an app for Southwest crewmembers, is in violation of several SWA rules and policies.  They were told that if they persisted to expect legal action from SWA.  Their actions have put all 3rd party apps (apps written by crewmembers), including CrewBuddy, CrewWeb, and all others, at risk.

The future is not certain in regard to 3rd party apps at Southwest.  So, in an effort limit your financial risk, we're only offering month to month subscriptions for now.  We've decided to further discount our monthly subscription price from $2.99/month to $1.99/month. So now, it's cheaper than the yearly subscription was.

If you'd like to subscribe via PayPal we'll even offer you an additional 10% off, making it $1.79/month!  Here's the link:

Thank you so much for understanding!