We spent the last several years working diligently to build and bring you a great and secure product that is extremely stable... meaning it ALWAYS works!  It's feature-rich, simple to use with a well-designed interface. 

We've received several requests for new features.  We've wanted to add these features for years, but there are important reasons why we can't offer them yet.

You may have heard about recent law changes in California and other states regarding data access and privacy. We’ve coordinated with SWA to ensure that our product has the highest integrity and protects you.  We’ve worked hard to create a close working relationship with SWA.  We also conform and are bound to Southwest Airlines' legal policies and requirements regarding server access, the privacy of your information, the use of their data and how CrewBuddy operates.  

Practically, this means that there are several features we can't offer at this time because they violate those policies.  We've already written most of these features and are patiently waiting for those policies to change before we can release them.

CrewBuddy's integrity is the backbone of our mission. This means the security of Southwest Airlines’ and your data are vital to us. We will never compromise your data and must follow Southwest Airlines' digital policies and requirements.


The CrewBuddy Team